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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 


From this page you can link directly to my live auctions on eBay. Any purchases made through this page will be processed through eBay as regular eBay purchases.


You will also have access to all regular eBay features such as buyer protection, feedback, etc.


Amazing Art Auctions


For the month of October, 2016, I will be running an amazing art auction of an original painting beginning every day, with an opening bid price of $1 and no reserve price. Every painting will be sold!


This promotion is intended as a "thank-you" to my loyal followers and art collectors and a way for everyone to have some fun, so I am doing my best to let everyone know through my facebook pages, Twitter, social media, etc.


A Painting a Day


If "Amazing Art Auctions" sounds a lot like "A Painting a Day" to you, you are right! That is exactly what it is.


I will be doing a variety of pieces throughout the month. There will definitely be a sampling from most of my most popular themes, such as abstract, landscape, forests, birch, flowers, cityscapes, seascapes, etc. All original paintings, 100% hand painted and signed by me, with certificate of authenticity provided, of course.


So, each day, for the month of October, a new painting will appear in the gallery below, and from there you can navigate directly to the auction page for that painting.


Spread the word!

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