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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

acrylic on canvas, 24'x36"




This ORIGINAL Painting is

available for sale (just sold)



ID# 110058

Size:              6" x 8" x 3/4"

Material:     acrylic on canvas

Technique:  palette knife


Protective coat of varnish applied.

Sides of the canvas are painted black and can hung with or without frame.

The Painting is signed by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity is provided.

Free shipping for Canada & US


Mars II (Deimos)

 Deimos is a moon of Mars


This outer Martian satellite was named for one of the horses that drew Mars' chariot; also called an "attendant" or "son" of Mars, according to chapter 15, line 119 of Homer's "Iliad."


Deimos means "fear" in Greek.


Date of Discovery:    August 11, 1877   

Discovery Location:  Washington     

Discoverer:                  A. Hall


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