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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

acrylic on canvas, 24'x36"

"Dystopian Snapdragons"



This ORIGINAL Painting is sold.



ID# 110045

Size:             30" x 24" x 3/4"

Material:     acrylic on canvas

Technique:  palette knife


Protective coat of varnish applied.

Sides of the canvas are painted black and can hung with or without frame.

The Painting is signed by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity is provided.


Free shipping for Canada & US


Price: sold

Additional Photos & Videos:

"...The spectator is put in an atmosphere which does not disturb him because he accepts it as fabulous, and in which he tries to trace the story and undergoes more or less the various appeals of colour. But the pure inner working of colour is impossible; the outward idea has the mastery still. For the spectator has only exchanged a blind reality for a blind dreamland, where the truth of inner feeling cannot be felt...."


Concerning the Spiritual in Art, by Wassily Kandinsky

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