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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

Sunset Avenue original city painting by Tatiana Iliina

"Sunset Avenue"



This ORIGINAL Painting

has been sold



Size:              15" x 30" x 1"

Material:     acrylic on canvas

Technique:  palette knife, brush


Protective coat of satin varnish applied.

Sides of the canvas are painted black and can hung with or without frame.

The Painting is signed on the front and the back.

Certificate of authenticity is provided.

Interpretation: see below

Free shipping for Canada & US

Dreamt of Driving original night lights cityscape painting with trees by Tatiana Iliina
Anchor 8


“...Back in the '30s and '40s, Sunset Avenue was a major thorofare in one 0f America's iconic and most important large cities.  The future seemed bright indeed... ...then the casting call went out for 'a street' in what could possibly be a title role in the next Hollywood blockbuster... ...auditions were going well... looked like the only other serious contender was some street called "Sunset Boulevard"... ...'never heard of it'some dimwit said”


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