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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

"Ancient Sun" Collection

"Ancient Sun" maybe sounds like it was inspired by some trip to the Great Pyramids of Egypt or the Valley of the Kings. Not that I totally discount this theory. (for that matter, I don't even promise that these abstract paintings are representational at all!)


I will say that I gratefully accept the following interpretation, which has always been associated with the paintings in this collection...


The words are from F. Scott Fitzgerald's epic novel, The Beautiful and the Damned, and they began,


"It had become intolerably hot in the car, and the men were all in shirt sleeves." As the passage continues, you realize that the author had definitely been "there", wherever there was... 


"The sun came in through the windows, a tired and ancient sun, yellow as parchment and stretched out of shape in transit. It tried to enter in triumphant squares and produced only warped splotches—but it was appallingly steady;"


I wonder what train Fitzgerald might have traveled on that evoked these images - surely he didn't conjure up these scenes entirely from his imagination! Maybe I will find out more about it someday....

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