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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

"Rising Waters"

A number of years ago I began a series of paintings that gently explores the idea of rising sea levels and what this could mean for coastal cities. These paintings consider the potential consequences of the Earth's melting ice caps and other problems related to climate change and global warming.

These distinctive paintings have found an enthusiastic market amongst folks who appreciate my work. As always, I strive to convey a sense of hope and optimism in my paintings, regardless of underlying themes or any of the challenges that we as a society face.  The paintings are mostly painted with palette knives in acrylics on canvas and range in size from 6x6 to 40x60 inches and larger.


I have chosen to separate this collection from another series in a similar vein I have, called, "After the Deluge", which is a little bit more dramatic in the sense that very little land is seen at all.

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