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Tatiana Iliina Fine Art 

"Masterstrokes" Premium Prints by Tatiana Iliina - FAQs

Do I make giclee prints of some of my paintings available for customers to buy?

Yes, I have developed  a unique process called Masterstrokes and have used it to create several series of premium giclee prints of my original paintings


What is a giclee print?

My giclees are high-end pigment based prints created in my own quality controlled facility. Each giclee is then enhanced with my 12 Masterstrokes, making it a truly unique and enduring piece of art to be treasured forever.

What makes my Masterstrokes giclee prints special?

Each print is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art, all containing my 12 Masterstrokes features that are hand created and painted by the artist, myself, giving the impression and similar texture of an original oil painting 

Are my premium giclees one-of-a-kind artworks?

Yes, I embellish each giclee myself by hand so your piece is a unique creation by the artist

What is my Masterstrokes print process in a nutshell?

I begin with high resolution photos or scans of my own original paintings. I then print a premium giclee print on canvas in my own quality controlled facility and stretch the canvas on to frames. I then add flourishes of artist acrylic paint to bring the print to life and create texture with generous application of clear artist medium. Each print is also hand signed back and front and numbered.


Do I use students or assistants to apply any of the hand painted features?

No, I as the artist do all the hand painting and texture embellishments myself, ensuring that the original spirit of the painting comes through

Why do I produce prints?

There are two very important reasons why I produce prints of my paintings. First, with the increasing value of my original paintings, it is getting more difficult for people to afford them. I keep the prices of my Masterstrokes prints reasonable so that my work can be enjoyed by as many people as possible . Secondly,  my Masterstrokes prints give more people the chance to acquire that one painting they fell in love with, even though the original was sold years ago.

Does having prints on the market reduce the value of my original paintings?

No, on the contrary, having my Masterstroke prints available to the public helps expose my work to a greater audience and gives my older paintings that were sold years ago a way to continue living and engaging with the public

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The Masterstrokes Process on Video

Original Tatiana Iliina "Masterstrokes" prints  for sale

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